New Song

Here's a snippet of a song we debuted at our gig on the 24th of March at the Drunken Poet. I wrote it on a beautiful evening in Mallacoota, contemplating the ways we spend our hours and what a ledger might look like when our time is up.   

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Celebrating Paul McCartney’s 80th birthday

Celebrating Paul McCartney’s 80th birthday

As a devotee of the melodic genius of Paul McCartney and to mark his 80th birthday, Roz Girvan, a country-soul singer-songwriter and long-time member of the Melbourne roots music community, has gathered a multi-generational band of enthusiasts to play some of the...

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About Roz Girvan

A gifted songwriter with a talent for finding the extraordinary in the every day, Roz Girvan has been part of Melbourne’s roots music community for many years.

Jackson Browne Tribute Show 2022

Listen to Roz perform ‘These Days’ with Kimberly Wheeler and Greg Field

Live on RRR’s Twang!

Listen to Roz perform the title track from her new album “East”, live on RRR’s Twang with Denise Hylands.